Djenoms Family


My name is Djenom. My family and I have volunteered with the Model Family Mentorship Program as a host family for two years now. I feel that the mentoring program is just what communities need to help families become stronger and give moral support to families struggling with divorce, single parent homes, and just meeting childrens needs.

I became acquainted with the program when its founder approached the Black Law Enforcement Association of Washington to recruit volunteers to serve as host family volunteers for the program. I had been a member of the association for the past two years, and have had the opportunity of showing my commitment to the community through registering voters, attending community meetings, and raising scholarship money for minority youth. Being a police officer allows me to interact with the community on a daily basis.

I enjoy people and try to spend as much time as I can being active in good causes in the community. The association organized and offered our commitment to Model Families. I was matched with a recently separated mother with the monumental task of raising three boys. I understood first hand that being a single parent and raising two children of my own could be both rewarding but has many challenges. I wanted to give moral support to someone in a similar position and possibly help them get through the challenges I had already overcome. Throughout the last two years our extended family relationship with our mentor family has grown into something very special.

My children and I look forward to the planned activities with our mentor family and feel we have been an asset in making a transition through some of their tough times.

As I reflect on what keeps my family strong, my first commitment is to my two beautiful children (ages 7-5). My oldest is busy doing ballet and showing her ability to count to infinity while my youngest likes to cuddle and play Cars with mommy. Although I stay busy with the police force and community activities, I realize my childrens needs to interact with me daily on a one on one level. These along with my spiritual commitments have helped me to hold it all together!



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